Trustees Records, Vol. 7, 1886 (page 256)




Status: Complete


City of Boston Registered six percent Bonds due
January 1, 1904; and that John L. Dill, Treasurer,
be and he hereby is, authorized, with the approval of
Israel M. Spelman, President, to assign the within
mentioned securities.

Contracts Perpetual Care
The Committee on Lots recommended the following
Contracts for perpetual care, all of which were
approved by the Board

419 *Alonzo Crosby by Heirs $375.
524 *William J. Loring " [by] Ex'r. of *Hannah W. Loring (add'l) 65.
926 *Almira P. Heard " [by] Heir 725.
1255 *George May " [by] Heir 350.
1759 *William S. Whitwell " [by] Trustees 650.
2095 *John P. Welch " [by] Exrs of *Ruth S. Thompson 625.
2468 *Henrietta A. Holman " [by] Heir 715.
3167 *Williaam J. Towne " [by] Heir 1225.
3968 Corporation in trust " [by] Heir of (add'l.) *Alexander Moseley 30.
6000 Ralph H. White " [by] (add'l) 3000.
6030 Samuel Cutler " [by] (add'l) 125.

Prof. Richards Letter of Thanks
A note was read by the President, wherein Pro-
fessor Richards expressed his thanks for the reso-
lutions passed by the Board at the meeting of
May 31.

Columbarium [in-Crematory]
Mr. Willard T. Sears, the architect, appeared before

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