Trustees Records, Vol. 7, 1886 (page 257)




Status: Complete


[Columbarium] in Crematory
the Board and exhibited plans and drawings for a
system of niches in the Old Chapel as reconstructed into
a Crematory for the reception of urns containing the
ashes of incinerated human bodies and explained
the details of the system to the Board. After
considerable general discussion it was Voted, that
the whole subject of the establishment of a Columba-
rium, the regulations for its use and the form of deed
to be employed in granting the right to the use of
niches therein be referred to a Committee of five to be
appointed by the President, with instructions to re-
port at a future meeting.

Committee appointed
The President then appointed Messrs. Choate,
Watson, Cummings, Jones and Cheever as such


Lewis G. Farmer,



June 13
June 13, 1900.

The Monthly Meeting was notified to be held
on Wednesday, June 13, 1900, at 2:30 o'clock P.M.

No Quorum
No quorum was present.

Lewis G. Farmer,


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