Trustees Records, Vol. 7, 1886 (page 307)




Status: Complete


The Records of the Meeting of February 11, were read and

Contracts Perpetual Care
The Committee on Lots reported the following Contracts
for perpetual care, all of which were approved by the Board:

#351 Corporation in Trust by Walter B. Odiorne (add'l) $40.
1816 *David Francis " [by] Ex'r. of *David G. Francis 725.
2729 *William Lewis " [by] Ex'r. of *Horace H. Lewis 800
3498 Corporation in Trust " [by] Heirs of John A. B. Cutter add'l. 25
3755 Frank W. Andrews ___ 1650
3841 }
3842 } *Horace C. Bright " [by] Executor 1300
3843 }
4080 William Brewster ___ 900
6080 Elizabeth Reid add'l. 100

Representatives appointed
Voted, that Representatives be designated for Lots as

#1011 Annie V. Pratt of Philadelphia Daughter
1559 Alice D. Ball " [of] Newcastle, N.H., Widow.
2668 John Stafford " [of] Cambridge Son.
4386 Susan W. Hilton " [of] Cambridge Widow.

Monthly Bills
The President reported that he had examined and ap-
proved the following schedules of monthly bills: March 11,
$4037.30; April 8, 5621.41; and May 13, $6200.54; and that
payment of the same had been thereupon made by the
Treasurer. Voted, that the action of the President
in this regard be fully ratified and approved.

Treasurer's Quarterly Report
The Treasurer having presented his Report 417 for
the Quarter ending March 31, 1903, the same was referred
to the Committee on Finance.

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