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Mount Auburn Cemetery

Mount Auburn

To the Trustees
of Mount Auburn Cemetery

As the regular annual meeting for the choice of offices &c. takes
place on Monday next, I beg leave to submit
the following for your consideration,

I entered upon
the duties of Superintendent on the
at a salary of $1000 00/r year and I have
devoted my whole time, and exerted all my energies,
for the best interests of the Corporation! How well
I have discharged those duties, Your own personal
observation, together with the Reports of the Treasurer
and Superintendent, will better satisfy you than
anything I may say! but knowing as I now do
from experience, how constant, and arduous are
the duties of the office, and which are daily in-
creasing as new properties are added to the list

[on verso after fold]

D.L. Windsor
Application for increased Salary
Feby. 14 1863
Board of Trustees,
voted that the Supt Salary be $1,500.-- Att: A.J.C. Secy

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