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The next charge is in the opinion of your Comee
one of a more serious character. Mr Ward states that
he had from time to time given the gate keeper money, on
leaving the cemetery.
This Mr Hydedoes not deny but says
that not infrequently money is thrown to him by persons
leaving the grounds, but denies that he ever ever received money
for admission. In the opinion of your Comee the receiving
of money at the gate at any time, is highly improper, & should
be discontinued. Mr Ward however is the last person who
should complain "that he does not come into court with clean
hands," he attempted a bribery & then complains that
it has not succeeded, & that he did not succeed
is an evidence of the honesty of the gate Keeper. This
practice your Comee are of opinion should be discontinued
& have recommended to Mr Hyde to pay over to Mr Howe
any money so received, which recommendation your Comee
propose should be confirmed by the Trustees. Mr. Hyde
states that the money thrown to him by persons passing
out amounts to about $10 - annual.

The third charge viz. the refusal to allow the daughter
of Mr Hensham to carry in flowers to place upon the grave
of their mother, does not appear to apply to Mr Hyde
if done at all, it must have been done by some one in
the temporary custody of the gate. Mr Hyde had no

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