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THE past year has been financially prosperous. The amount of
sales has slightly increased, and the receipts of income from other
sources have been satisfactory.

The Permanent Fund shows an increase of $8,129.22, and now
amounts to $241,423.61.

The Repair Fund also shows an increase of $38,164.10, and amounts to $383,726.21.

The General Fund, consisting of cash in the hands of the treas-
urer and bills not yet collected, is $26,935.16, of which the cash item
foots up $19,114.88.

The general drought of the last summer affected our ponds and
reduced our supply of water to a considerable extent, especially
during the latter part of the season. We had a sufficient supply,
however, by exercising economy in its use, to preserve our young
trees, shrubs, and flowers, to water our principal avenues, and keep
our lots in condition to be revived by the later rains. We hope in
the next summer to be better prepared for drought should it occur

Under the head of improvements the superintendent reports 1,326
linear feet of gutters repaved, and fifty iron fences and ten hedges

In last year’s report it was mentioned that the banks of Forest
pond had been regraded and improved, and that considerable work had
been done on Ivy path and in Consecration dell. Similar improve-
ments have been made during the past year. The banks of Auburn
lake have been treated in the same manner with those of Forest
pond, and the carriage drive, which formerly ended at the bridge,
has now been continued round the upper section of Auburn lake.
Besides lengthening the drive, this extension renders the Receiving

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