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Tomb more accessible and furnishes better accommodation for car-
riages when the tomb is used at funerals.

Advantage was taken of the summer drought to remove from
Auburn and Halcyon lakes and from Forest pond the large accumu-
lations of deposit of many years from the bottom of those sheets of
water. More than fve hundred loads of rich mud and leaf mould
were taken from those localities and made very serviceable in the
preparation of new lots.

On Ivy path and the easterly hillside of Consecration dell much
labor was expended. The long flight of zigzag stone steps has been
removed, and a winding path of easy grade now leads from the
junction of Ivy and Coleus paths to Rose path, where it meets a
newly constructed path from Walnut avenue to the same point.
These new paths make the ascent from the dell to Harvard hill and
the Tower very easy, and do away with the fatiguing climb which
was formerly so objectionable. A farther result of these operations
has been to vender available for lots about two thousand square feet
of desirable land, of which more than one half has already been

The Stone farm portion of the Cemetery is now all ready for use,
except the mound which lies between Birch and Egret avenues and
adjacent to the iron fence ou Coolidge avenue. Work has also
been commenced on the Chant and Watriss lots, where much rough
grading has been done. On the Chant lot a new avenue, called
Vesper avenue; has been nearly finished, and a new lot for public
oraves, called Vesper lot, has been laid out and will soon be ready
for use.

The usual routine of cemetery work, such as the maintaining of
avenues and paths, repairs of puildings and fences, the setting out
of new trees and shrubbery; and the removal of every appearance
of neglect and unsightliness, has also been attended to, and the
Trustees have reason to believe that their efforts are yearly rewarded
by the general improvement of the grounds.

During the past year the policy No. 3594 of the Massachusetts
Hospital Life Insurance Company for $6,300, “payable on the de-

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