Status: Complete

No of certificate: 40802

Forenames: Thomas Bennett

Surnames: Harry

Born at: St Ives

Year: 1798

County: Cornwall

certified as: Master

certified at: Southampton

Date: 11 June 1851

No of certificate: 40805

Forenames: John

Surnames: Watson

Born at: Exeter

Year: 1821

County: Devon

certified as: Master

certified at: Lpool

Date: 26 December 1850

No of certificate: 40801

Forenames: George

Surnames: Harrison

Born at: Hull

Year: 1818

County: York

certified as: Master

certified at: Hull

Date: 1 April 1851

No of certificate: 40807

Forenames: James

Surnames: Hall

Born at: West Boldon

Year: 1805

County: Durham

certified as: Master

certified at: Sunderland

Date: 2 February 1851

No of certificate: 40809

Forenames: George

Surnames: Herd

Born at: Ferry Port on Craig

Year: 1807

County: Fife

certified as: Master

certified at: Dundee

Date: 30 December 1851

No of certificate: 40810

Forenames: Theodore

Surnames: Hammond

Born at: St Thomas

Year: 1812

County: W Indies

certified as: Master

certified at: London

Date: 19 November 1851

No of certificate: 40812

Forenames: Hillary

Surnames: Henry

Born at: Guernsey

Year: 1807


certified as: Master

certified at: Bristol

date: 2 July 1851

No of certificate: 40813

Forenames: James

Surnames: Heatley

Born at: Alnmouth

Year: 1819

County: Northumberland

certified as: Master

certified at: Blyth

date: 20 December 1850

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Most records on this transcription are illegible. On some of these records I've put what I think it is but please feel free to correct any spelling errors. Thanks Privacy Lover.

Scrumpy Geoff

I think I've got the missing bit. Can you mark page for review if you have gaps? Keep going!


It is very faint, but I have spotted a few extra letters.

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@sek Thanks for that. Welcome back. Been on hols?


Went to Paris for a couple of days and left my computer there. My son posted it back to me so have been off-line for a while.

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A fine excuse! I would have picked up on copyright forms but I see you were in the middle of some hard to read ones. Hope they're still on your clipboard.

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ATTENTION! This entire set seems the same as 124-6-1. TNA please help.


Good that you noticed. Did a name or something look familiar?

Scrumpy Geoff

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