Letter from John Stuart to Andrew Reid, 3 March 1790


Letter from John Stuart to Andrew Reid, 3 March 1790


Title: Letter from John Stuart to Andrew Reid, 3 March 1790
Description: Stuart has enclosed notes that he wants Reid to give to the sheriff for collection, and one note on which he wants to have a lawsuit brought in court. There is also a message on the back, likely written in shorthand. Andrew Reid resided in Rockbridge County, Virginia. It is unknown where John Stuart resided. Creator: Stuart, John
Date: 1790
Places: Rockbridge County (Va.);
Subjects: Promissory notes; Actions & defenses;
Type: Text
Format: 2 page letter
Source: Kentucky Historical Society, McDowell family letters, MSS 91;
Accession Num.: MSS91_Box1_FF13_1
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