January 1, 1861

Humbly imploring the Grace of God to be my guide
counselor, and comforter in the coming duties, trials,
and perplexities of life. I now open my new book for
a new year. To day Dr [Gish] called to see Alfred who
has a sore throat. [???] Dr [???] called to see Alfred
W Wallace is at the farm to night a very quiet day
The 4, a day appointed by the President for fasting
and prayer, on account of the distracted state of the
country. The North and South, abolition and [Har?]
South Carolina gone out of the Union, Lincoln
the Republican candidate elected. W Wallace
returned from the farm this evening, had a [???]
killed while there, the family moderately well.

Sunday the 6. Robert [?] dined with us. [???] spent
the night. Great political excitement in town to
day, Union, or disunion, John Nelson dined here

The 8. The Cannon has fired a number of
rounds in honor of the day. John Nelson spent the
night here. W Wallace started to the farm to day.
John Nelson dined here, W Wallace at the farm to night

The 9. W Wallace returned from the farm. Joe
complaining of sore throat when he left. 10. A
quiet day. 11. W Wallace at the farm to night

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I put items that I could not read in square brackets [] Perhaps a different set of eye can discern those.