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is it surprising that many of these intelligent
citizens do, perhaps, grow weary when they know
the significance of many of our laws as they are
written, and the differences which occur in their

There is no effort here at the moment to
excuse nor to agree with such an attitude. The
purpose now is to explain a situation which seems
to exist.

Second. What are the specific situations
which cause the unrest and the unhappiness referred
to above? The attempt to answer this question must
be brief and factual. Three major agencies of
the State which should reach and serve every person
in its borders - sometimes called the three great
service agencies, are, as is well known: Education,
Health* and Welfare.* [text on left-hand side] Time available to discuss
education only. [end text left-hand side] They are given here in alpha-
betical order, and will be discussed in this way.

Obviously, the speaker can talk more freely
and more frankly of the shortcomings of the State's
program of education for Negroes than he can of the
departments of health and welfare.

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"as they are written" "execution" underlined.
"Health* and Welfare*" links to what looks like "Line available to discuss education only" written along the side