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Of the plan, purpose and significance of Winston-Salem Teachers
College, we quote a statement by two outstanding educational leaders in
America, - Dr. W. C. Bagley of Columbia University, and Dr. Arthur J. Klein
of the University of Ohio, who made a study of the instititution in 1931,

"We may, however, here record our sincere belief that, with the
splendid beginning that has been made, the Teachers College at Winston-
Salem can easily become an outstanding example of an institution of
higher learning which devotes its energies and its faculties exclusively
to the difficult and fundamentally important problems involved in the care
and culture of the younger children. It would be an example not only for
Negro education throughout the South to emulate, but for education whether
white or Negro, throughout the country. We know of no state in which the
conditions for such a development are now so favorable as they are in connection
with Negro education North Carolina."

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