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Page Heading:: North Carolina Salisbury District } Causes for Tryal to Salisbury Superior Court March Term 1767

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No.Parties NamesWhat ActionPleas issues etcVerdicts Judgments of Orders of this Court
JD ET 109 JW RH JEPeter Johnston vs Hugh Smith12General issue PJ&HCContinued
DWRH 110 JEHugh Smith vs Peter JohnstonDebt 13General issue JEHCJury imparrithd & sworn find the debt not paid Judgment for the sum L46.0.0 p-- mo. & -- from the 14th day of May 1765 till paid &both the - - - - (?
JW 111 RH JEJohn Bridges vs Jacob Sherril & othersDebt 16Nil debit& the Statute of Limitation &CRefund to John (? Martin _ Phifer William Nial & George_ Davidson, & them award to be a _Rule of this Court_ _ _
JW 112 JEJames Murdock & John Nankey vs William Ursery & William MashDebt 31Non Est Factum & JE et issueContinued
ET 113William Nage vs Benjamin VineTAB 33Judgmt by deft & inquirypJury impannell's &sworn &Af is to the sum of 1.0 praclamation money & sea pence pd
JW 114 RH JeJohn Dunnahoe vs Morgan BrownCase 34General issue & the Statute of limitation Aff RHContinued
JW 115 SSJohn Giles vs Andrew VreslorDebt 35Imparlance for Nar:Abated by the death of the Plantiff
GD 116 SSSenox, Scott and Co vs William JacksonDebt 36Payment Af SS & issueCont.d
ET 117 JD 21Fergus Slone vs Henry VernersCase 30General issue Af JDContinued

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