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They shall think fit by the name of the Collector of the Parish Taxes shall collect & receive the aforesaid Taxes. The
person so appointed giving Bond with sufficient Securities that he will duly collect & receive the said taxes and
pay and satisfy unto the Creditors of the Parish all Taxes levyed for such purpose and the surplus of any to the Vestry
& their [?] for the use oof the Parish which taxes shall be collected at the time and in the manner that publick
taxes ought by law to be collected and shall be allowed five p Cent. for his trouble and have full power and
Authority by virtue of this Act upon neglect or Refusal of payment of the said tax or any part thereof by any
person or persons chargeable therewith to distrain the goods and Chattels of the party refusing ^[or neglecting] and if the owner
thereof shall not pay what is due within five Days after such Distress such shall & may lawfully sell by
Auction the goods so distrain'd or so much thereof as shall be sufficient
to satisfy the said Tax and the charges of
Distress & Sale returning the overplus if any to the Owner But shall give notice of the Sale by setting up an
advertisement in writing at the Church Door in the parish or at the most publick place of worship where there is no Church and by publishing the same among the people immediately after Divine
Service on the next Sunday after the Expieration of the said five Days which sale shall not be more than three
Days nor less than six Days after notice so given and shall be good & effectual in Law against all persons whatsoever
and if the Vestry of any parish shall negect or refuse to lay a sufficient TAx to satisfy the parish Creditors in
such Case all & every the Vestrymen of the parish neglecting or refusing shall be liable to the action of the party
grieved his or her Executors or Administrators for all Damages which he or she shall sustain by such Refual or

And be it further

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