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Jan. 1, 1755

Whereas hitherto neglecting to prevent the Exportation of Bad and
Trash Tobacco, and the many Trands in deceiving his Majesty of his Customs
has brought that Part of the Trade of this Province into great Decay.
Be it therefore enacted by the Governor
Council and Assemby of this
Province and it is hereby enacted by the Authority of the same. That for the more
Effectual preventing the Exportation of Trash, Bad, Unsound & unmerchantable
Tobacco, all Tobaccos which from and after the passing of this Act shall be
exported out of this Province by Sea, shall be first brought to some or one of the
Public Warehouses herein after mentioned, and shall be there viewed and inspected
in manner as here in after is expressed.
And be it wether enacted by the Authority aforsaid, that no Person,
shall put on Board or receive into any Ship, Sloop, Boat or [??} or other
vessel in order to be exported therein any Tobacco not packed in Hogsheads
or Casks upon any Pretence whatsoever, no in any Hogshead or Cask to be in
any Ship, Sloop, Boat, or other Vessel exported out of this Province by Sea, before
the same shall have been viewed and inspected according to the Direction of
this Act, But that all Tobacco whatsoever to be received or taken on Board any
Ship Sloop Boat or other Vessell; and to be therein exported or to be carried or put
on Board any other Ship Sloop or other Vessell for Exportation as aforsaid shall
be received or taken on Board at the several Warehousesfor that Purpose herein
after mentioned or some or one of them, and at no other Place or Places
whatsoever and every Master Mate and Boatswain which shall arrive in

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