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Parcells to be waterborne on pretence of being carried to Warehouses established by
this act may give great Opportunity to the Clandestine running the same on
Board Ships or Vessels lying at or near the said Warehouses whereby the Evil of
exporting Trash Tobacco may be still continued Be it wether enacted by the
authority aforesaid that if any Person taking upon himself to carry any Tobacco to or
from any of the said Warehouses in this Sloop Boat or other Vessel for Hire shall presume
to take on Board any Tobacco whatsoeverin Bulk or Parcels such Tobacco shall
not only be forfeited and my be seized by any Person or Persons whatsoever but
the Master or Skipper offending herein shall forfeit and pay Twenty Shillings for
every hundred pounds Weight of such Tobacco and so proportionably for a greater or
lesser Quantity, and the Master or Commander of any Ships or Vessell wherein any
Tobacco in Bulk or Parcells shall be found shall over & above the Forfeiture thereof
be subject and liable to the same Penalty to be recovered if it does not exceed Forty
Shillings before any two Justices of the Peace of any County near the Pace
where such Ship Sloop Boat Pettyaugier or other Vessell shall lie, and if it
exceeds forty Shillings in any Court of Record by Action of Debt wherein the
Plaintif shall recover his losts, and if [begin boxed in text]the Care of [end boxed in text]^[?]ela any Sloop Boat or other Vessell
be under the Care or Management of a Servant who cannot satisfy and pay the
said Penalty then such Servant shall upon Complaint thereof made to a Justice
of the Peace have and receive by Order of such Justice Thirthy Nine Lashes to be
laid on, and if any Servant shall be again trusted with the Care and
management of any Sloop Boat or other Vessell and shall be convicted a second
Time of taking or receiving on Board the same any Tobacco in Bulk or Parcels
Contrary to the Directions of this Act the Owner of such Servant shall forfeit and

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