June 9th 1936

Dearest David,

I was glad to know
that you had Graduated. Now what
I expect you will soon go to
a collage [sic].

I intended to send you a
little gift but did not know
what to give you as I cannot
do down town to shop.

Your father being a buisiness [sic]
man can help you along
& as Richards Father works in
the Leather Company, he fully
knows that. & his part is important.
He never did like to study.

But Richard wants & is making
it now that is he's drawing
so well. done. He wants to
be a Macanical [sic] Engeneer [sic] & loves
it. His teacher says his drawing
is splendid.

Now, I am sending you a Dollar
Bill to get what you want.

Love to you & I hope you and
Richard will be splendid men when
you grow up. From your loving Grandmother

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Parts of the third and fourth paragraphs don't make much sense to me as I've transcribed them.