whole of France, Switzerland, Bavarian
Mts. and [underlined] Germany-
In France we were lucky in [striking?] very
nice clean French Inns-no English [anywhere?]
at all-but except in the Luxury hotels-2
of which we've stayed in to get baths, etc.-
the john was always down the hall. Many
times up or down stairs-used by both
men and women-There is usually running
water in the rooms and a Beday (queer thing but
very handy)-several times its been just a
jug of hot and cold water brought to our rooms
in little old clean inns. Really there's no
doubt but what traveling this way we've
experienced a great deal more of the
native customs than had we stopped
always at luxury hotels.

In France we slept under a sheet, a
wool blanket and a quilted down comforter.

In Switzerland, the Bavarian Alps and here
in Munich its a sheet-wool blanket
a feather bed-don't know what else describes it-
it puffs up a couple feet. Gosh how
warm and nice it keeps us-filled with goose down.

We are staying with friends of Mally's
here in Munich for the next 4 days we'll be here.
Bucket and I would rather have gone to a hotel
and just let Mally visit them but the people
have plenty of room, insist on our staying
too and Mally won't have it any other way. So

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