3 We spent last Easter with
the children attended Easter
services all togged out in our best.
Jim wrote me [in?] [Anne?] of [?]
that he & Jay thot they had
never seen Dad & I look so well
sweet of him wasn't it. I only
weighed 132 # light for me in
fact. I was terribly run down
anemic thats why the leg was
so slow [in?] mending. The bones
have healed but muscles in knee
haven't tightened, a little side play.
I'm terribly afraid I'll have to
wear a leather brace on knee after
I discard this one but just now
the great thing is to be able to
sit up even in bed.

This is Merts birthday. She & Jule
went down to city to stay, rode
with Ches. He went [?] to
market tried to find a chicken
but came back with a pork
roast out of our locker (keep that
under your hat) .. We will have
quite [s/b quiet?] family dinner sponge cake
fresh ice cream and frozen rasp-
berries on top. I eat no pork or red
meat will have a lamb chop.
Ches has a lovely bunch of
daffodils [?] fields of

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