Maud Hayes Stick General Correspondence, 1950-1965





September 25, 1950


Dear Maud and Frank:

It was sad to say goodbye, and I want to thank you again for all the delightful things you did to make those days in early September a pleasure and a memory to keep. And I wqs so touched at the last at your coming by in the morning and afternoon, and even seeing me to the bus. It was a summer in which there was much to be grateful for, much to be happy about. The finest thing of all was staying with you, and I shall always cherish it.

You were lovely to my guests. And they all recognized what wonderful people you are. They are happy to have met you, and they look forward to seeing you again.

Since my return, life here has been very busy, busier than usual with the opening of the University. Working in this place (for me anyway) means devoting oneself to an undertaking which leaves little time for anything else. And although I hardly felt equal to it this fall, I now have found, simply through plunging in as usual, that the water's fine! To us it is an exciting place, and we're counting on a visit from both of you.*

Mr. Terry called up to "ask advice", and I have him every assurance as to the wisdom of his undertaking.

Florence and Huntington have asked me over three times, but I've been unable to get there as yet. They sound very well, and I hope to see them soon.

I trust that you are well and that all things are going well, and send you my best,

Ever yours, [Elliot]

* The sooner the better

I have been typing this myself, with constant interruption, and wish it said more, but you will understand that, for it is the kind of life you lead. May your winter be a kind of vacation!

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Sheboygan, Wis. Nov 18- 1952

Dear Frank & Maud

This little clipping is from the Sheboygan Press about one of your little Nags Head girls, but as you know there's good fishing in Wisconsin too. This sort of reminds me of the big ones we got at Oregon Inlet. I kept the photos & showed them & bragged about the N.C. fishing for years.

Here's a [suprise?] tho. We came over here last week & may be permanent. Sadie had a heart attack in Sept & was in Hosp in [Awes?] for 3 wks then a couple of weeks after getting her home with a prac. nurse. I had s shock from ulcer in "duodenum" bleeding ulcer & it put me in hospital & on milk diet but I'm ok now only have to continue anti acid diet for a month or two.

Sadie had a slight paralysis of arm & will take some little time more to recuperate so we can get her home & Jim thought we should be here where they don't have to run to [Awes?] every time something happens to us. As we're only temporarily settled will get mail at this adr

410 Bluff Ave.

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That's most of our troubles. What are yours - Think we wrote you about our trip west in May & visit to the old friends in Seattle & Ore & in Mont - Then we had a week at Bemidgi with friends & with Julia were here in Wisconsin Door Co Pen insula up in the cherry county - at a resort 3 or 4 days & fished from a launch in Green Bay a couple of times.

Jule has been better during summer & fall & Myrt continues to take care of her. They went to our apt. while we're away during the winter.

Hope you both keep well & Dave & Charlotte's too & that the election wasn't too great a shock. I see the experts are all saying that the "It's time for a change" touched off the big vote for Ike & Mr Wyatt seems to have started that idea. Too bad [almost?] too for Stevenson seems to be too good a man to have that happen to him.

Like to hear how you all are & what are your plans for winter? Presume Key West & plenty of fishing?

Sincerely, Chas & Sadie

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Who's Holding Who?

[photo of young girl holding fish]

A largemouth bass proves quite a problem for little Susan Sermons Oneto. Of, course, it wasn't Susan who hooked the hefty catch, one of many taken from the Fresh Ponds of Nags Head, N.C., hard by the Atlantic Ocean. - (NEA).

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[Envelope with cancelled 3 cent "Newspaperboys" US Stamp]


[Postmark] Sheboygan Nov 13 7:30 PM 1952 WIS.

Mr & Mrs Frank Stick Kitty Hawk North Carolina

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