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Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4
Daniel Gillis100125
Daniel Gillis10025
Bartholomew Dunn128128
William Gilmore10060
William Teagen400300
Simon Lewis10050
Bissell Deaton100
[crossed out]
Shadreck Maness5070
George Kennedy3280
Angus Morrison14545
John Smith Senr.125170
Samuel Kees230300
Catharine Cockmon150150
Solomon Barrett300300
William McLeod150150
Meloney Auton150150
Malcom Mathewson50150
Malcom Mathewson50100
Malcom Mathewson4150
John McDonald (MJ)133100
John McDonald5050
John McDonald854250
John McDonald15075
Murdoch Murten200670
Murdoch Murten200200
Murdoch Murten30110
George Graham150150
George Graham150150
George Graham100100
George Graham8080
Allin Murten300200
John Campbell5025
John Campbell15030
John Campbell5025
Neill McMillin501250
Neill McMillin3015
Neill McMillin33640
Neill McMillin2010
Daniel McNeill5050
Daniel McNeill3015
Daniel McNeill7035
John McKennon5025
John McKennon5025
Duncan McNeill10050
Duncan McNeill5050
[Column 2]
John Campbell5025
Lauchlen Curry220110
Lauchlen Curry1503750
Lauchlen Curry501250
Lauchlen Curry2010
Lauchlen Curry10025
Hugh McDonald5050
Hugh McDonald5025
Hugh McDonald501250
Hugh McDonald501250
Hugh McDonald5012
Hugh McDonald210100
Daniel McDonald10025
Daniel McDonald501250
Daniel McDonald501250
Daniel McDonald501250
Daniel McDonald4010
John McNeill (Story)5050
John McNeill (Story)6410
John McNeill (Story)28630
Daniel McDonald8888
Daniel McDonald5025
Effey Black5025
Effey Black501250
Effey Black10250
Duncan Mc[Innish?]5025
Duncan Mc[Innish?]5025
Duncan Mc[Innish?]5050
John Patterson3015
John Patterson10020
John Patterson10050
John Patterson5050
John Patterson5025
John Patterson5025
John Patterson10050
Duncan McLain5025
Rodrick McCrummon10050
John McInnish10050
Lauchlan McKinnon5050
Lauchlan McKinnon2512
Phillip McDonald10050
Phillip McDonald932325
Phillip McDonald501250
Phillip McDonald82
Phillip McDonald4242
Phillip McDonald2010
Donald McDonald50100
Donald McDonald2025
Donald McDonald24?2450
Malcum McDonald100100
Malcum McDonald5025
Malcum McDonald972450
Angus McDugald5025
Angus McDugald10050

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