"Scene From a play" - Goya
"Immaculate Conception" - Murillo
"Adorationof the Magi" - Pieter Bruegel
"Avenue of Trees" - Hobbema
Many lovely [underlined]Titians[/underlined]
Three wonderful [underlined]ones[/underlined](Madonna & Child)
by [underlined]Bellini[/underlined]
"Christ's Agony in the Garden" - Bellini
"The Virgin with the holy children attended
by an angel" -- [underlined]Da Vinci[/underlined]
"The Annunciation" -- [underlined]Fra Angelico[/underlined]
"Madonna, Infant Christ & St. John"
-- by [underlined]Raphael[/underlined]
"Heads of Angels" - } Reynolds
"Age of Innocence"}
"The Firing Squad" - [underlined]Manet[/underlined].
And this list of men represented & many
more of great note --

Romney - Hogarth - Gainsborough - Morland
- Gilbert Stuart - Turner (wonderful things

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