that I never knew existed) Raeburn -
Lawrence - (Wlm. Blake - whom I've
learned to like & admire) Constable -
Grueze - Ingres - Delacroix - Poussin
- etc. It would take volumes to
write of them all as they every
one deserve. The [underlined]N. Gallery[/underlined] is exceedingly
large & takes one a very long time
to go through. It faces [underlined]Trafalgar Square[/underlined]
where other important bldgs. join in
to make it all a square of unusual
interest & liking. Saw lovely [underlined]t"Show
boat"[/underlined] again tonite at the [underlined]Theatre
Royal - Drury Lane[/underlined] & it was great.
Not quite as good as Ziegfield's but
very, very fine. [underlined]Edith Day[/underlined] who
plays [underlined]Magnolia[/underlined] was absent & we
had [underlined]Margery Hicklin[/underlined] who was
a real star. Really she was a
little gem. The entire cast were
exceptional - [underlined]Paul Robeson[/underlined]-the

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