blower. Seems as if we were on
a pond instead of the Atlantic.
In evening - walked the deck &
watched the unusual sunset. Don't
think I've ever seen such coloring
& imagine it is all ordered for us
on our return trip. The moon also
was a gem. Now the [underlined]concert[/underlined] &
such a variety. It caused one to
about weep at times & next to
about scream with laughter.
The lady who politely surrendered
her services & played everything
from "the [underlined]fire-fly"[/underlined] to [underlined]Mid night Fire
Alarm - Dance of the Oak Leaves[/underlined]
& [underlined]The Maidens Prayer[/underlined] - was really
worth waiting for. It - to me - was
the gem of the evening.

Sept. 2. Such a wonderful day it
is hard to describe. Sat & continued

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