Letter: Annie Laurie Burton to Margaret Harper, June 20, 1943

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Mrs. S.C. Harper 600 Brookstown Ave Winston-Salem North Carolina

A.L. Barton from Red Cross A.P.O. 501 Postmaster, San Francisco June 20, 1943

Dearest Margaret,

You have made me very very happy! Your letter is the only one I've had from the states and believe me it was wonderful. I'm afraid the A.R.C. misinformed Aunt Clara because I had not arrived when your letter was written.

I'm afraid my letter home before leaving was misleading because really I had not a fear and was never happier in my life. I came on a ship with a very dear friend of mine and was most happy.

Your letter was not censored so if you'd like to keep writing air-mail & can afford it - do so - I get more news that way.

I guess you learned from the cable where I am. It's lovely here & the people are very friendly. I got my assignment today - a rest home for officers. I'll really be happy to get to work. I'm teamed up with Helen Hassley of Conn. Very capable little [illegible]. This is just a note while I wait will write more later. Love to all - Annie Laurie

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