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S.B. No. 275; H.B. No. 407: A bill to incorporate the Edgecombe Female Seminary



The committee on [com?] recommend the A Bill to passage of this bill [incorporate?] the "Edgecombe" Female Welsch [Ch?] Seminary

[fac. Cl?] 13 21.50 Jan. [1894?] [Cnh?] [Ruro-Sun-?] P.[2nd R?] Read 3rd [tir?] & passed

[Me br?] M [Cbalne?] [ce clk.?]

Reconsidered [So. 12 ch 22 January?] (Above A Bill to..is written)

[Miss HG Gue?] S-[275?] and [c.?] [Ivaer Clean?] [?] [Dec?] 1873 Feb [1873?] R&P[?] [Pa?] 3 [t?] [le?] [Mary H Cr?] [an ck?]

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No 234 Treasury Department of North Carolina.

Raleigh. January 28th 1873

Received of [Wm?] S. [Battle?].

the sum of Twenty Five _______________________ _____________________________________________________ x/100 Dollars, Tax of incorporation, Edgecombe Female Seminary ____________________________________________ -________ ___ -_--- _____ ______ _______ _____ _______ __ __ __ __ __

_________ ___________ ___ ____ ____ ____ ____ _____ ____

D. A. Jenkins State Treasurer. $25.00 per D.W. Bain, Ch'f [Clk?]

Dec 2 That [our?] corporation { ?] a joint stock company with a capital not excluding one hundred thousand dollars to be divided into shares of fifty dollars each Dec 3 That said company shall have power to acquire and hold real and personal estate [s?] not to exceed one hundred Thousand dollars.

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A bill to incorporate the Trustees of the Wesleyan Female College



A Bill to incorporate the Trustees of the Wesleyan Female College.

[E] House of Commons

30 Nov 1852

read 1 ?

by order

A D Pool, clk

E 11 Dec 1852

read 2 time ?

read 3 ? ?

I ordered to be enrolled.

By order A D Pool, ck

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Letter: Annie Laurie Burton to Family, July 19, 1943

Page 1

Page 1

July 19, 1943 A.P.O. 923 Postmaster San Francisco Brisbane, Aust.

My Dears,

I've slighty fallen down on the letter writing job, but I've been so disgusted with the mails here. I seldom get any and I cant believe everyone has dropped correspondence with me so entirely. I've been wondering too if you had had as poor service from me. Pass my letters along to the family as I dont have time to write each each wk.

I still dont know where I shall be assigned to work. I was told the manager of the club here wanted me in his club. They're sending my roommate (Helen Hassley) to the country + she's having a fit and wants to stay here and I'm having a fit to go to the country. I'm still working at the club here tho.

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Page 2

I dont have long hours + have plenty time for myself. I've met lots of nice people an get around quite a bit. I dated a Navy Capt. Sat. [m + e?] + had a wonderful meal aboard his ship. Sun. I went out into the country to an airport + an Army hosp. Yesterday I had a delightful experience- went sailing in a sail boat with a nice "chappie" from Atlanta- (he's a corporal) + went to Davidson. We saw plenty of interesting things too. Tonite I'm invited to a party in an Australian home for an Am. Navy officer. Should be interesting. I get taken to dinner nearly every nite too- so.

I'm enclosing a little picture of myself that they made at the Provost marshalls. I'm really not "garrison goofey" yet- as I so appear in the picture.

Loads of Love to all,

Annie Laurie

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Letter: Annie Laurie Burton to Mrs. John Burton, October 8, 1943

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Page 1

Mrs. J.D. Burton Prospect Hill North Caro.

A.L. Burton Am. Red. Cross. A.P.O. 927 % P.M. San Francisco Oct. 8, 1943

Dearest Mom, I've neglected you a little recently, but have been busy getting adjusted on the new job. I dont like it here as much as I did the other place. Its too quiet -not enought to do, but I guess as time goes bye we will have more fellows and more doing. I'm still living in an apt. alone, but am moving in with one of the girls I knew in Washington. They have a lovely apt. and I'm sure I'll like it better with someone. Last nite I blew a fuse and had no lights so had to go to bed at 7 oclock.

Andy came to see me one night. We had fun talking [?] old times. He's the only person I've seen that I ever knew before. He's a little bit lonesome & not enjoying his home too much.

Will try to write a real letter latter. This is just to keep you posted & let you know I haven't forgotten you. Love ALB

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