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Wave the open hand to the left and then strike with clenched fist as ind-
icated above to raise the muzzle.
For all practical purpose one division on the traversing is
equivalent to seven and one-half mils:
In all cases during indirect or barrage firing, after elevating or
depressing the muzzle in a mil measurment the piece should be clamped and
the sights aligned to the aiming point, thus obtaining the sigth setting for
continued firing at the same target.


Range correct.
Direction correct.
Unobserved repeat in order that observation may be made.
Fire observed, uncertain.

In order to have a dependable Machine Gun Force which can obtain the best
results from the Guns a highly trained personnel is necessary. Officers and men
must know their guns thoroughly. They must understand both the theoretical and
practical sides of the Machine Gun fire, and the trajectories of bullets at the
different ranges.

The personal should be carefully selected. The Officers must be intelligent
resourceful, bold and must have good judgement. The work is hard so the men must
have superior physique. They should be able to run or crawl from position to
position carrying gun, tripod, or ammunition. Those unable to to this or without
staying qualities should be transferred. They must have good eyesight. It has
been the experience in Europe that Machine Gun Units should be composed
of men with a mechanical turn of mind. In addition to the above qualifications
the men should, of course, be intelligent and have some education, otherwise they
will NOT understand the range and elevation tables and the theoretical side
of Machine Gun Fire and the trajectories of bullets.

Men selected for Machine Gun service are chosen as far as possible from
men having from six months to one years service in one of the other armies.

Others selected are very promising from training centers, who have completed
their preliminary training and are ready to take up Machine Gun Work at once.

Officers and men found unfit for Machine Gun service are releived at once.

Every member is trained in such manner that he can serve in any or all
positions at the gun.

After all are trained the most efficient are appointed gunners and so
serve. All Officers and Non-Commissioined Officers must be expert in the operation
of the Machine Gun as well as in its theoretical and practical employment.

In a scheme of instructio, the soldiers first given training in the nomen-
clature, function of parts and operation fo the piece and also in its care
and preservation and repair.

The correct method of using the sights is then taught and, at the same
time, certain phusical exercise are taken up with a view to developing those
muscles which will be called upon to play a part in the act of firing.
Nothing is better than running or crawling, considerable distance With the Gun.
Tripod and Ammunition over all kinds of ground, and mounting it in all positions

These preliminary exercises are most important in that they assure the
mental and physical equipment of the individual which is perquisite to furthur


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