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so you are getting the life magizine now,
it's very good I enjoy it lots. Philp gets
it so you see I get to read it as
soon as it arrive and to the co. gets
one too, no use for you to send it
to me. Thanks just the same though.
I'll send you some stars & stripes, there
is a old one on the table now so I'll
send it along, its the only one here
now and the first in several days!

I'm sorry your mail is so slow in getting
there, so your last letter was Nov. 27th, boy
that is bad. There's some on the way. The
letters I recieved today were Dec 19, 25, & 29th
that's pretty good eh! and very nice letters

How about this sore throat you are
having? Is it better now! I know

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