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Clorox to wash my clothes with and I can really
see a big difference. We are boilling our clothes in
a bucket out doors too and that make them whiter.
I got my first holes in my socks. Two pair have
holes in the heal. I am getting rid of them. I hung
them on the fence dirty just to see how long they
would stay there. Will they didn't stay there [anby?] time
after it got dark. They just disappeared. That is how
bad they want things here. Think of stealing an old
pair of really dirty socks with holes in the heals.
Well you see a lot of them wearing tow bags with
holes to stick their arms through and even patched
all over with and kind of cloth. I think of Joseph's
Coat of my Collors. Say what became of this paragraph.
I was just writting away and forgot all about it.

I haven't needing any clothes since I've been here
but I bought me another sweater so I could wash
the one I was wearing. Of course I've washed them
both two or three times. It will be quite a while
before I need anything new.

I have a navy flash light and plenty of batteries
so don't think about send me one.

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