we are together again. The boat,
an English mailer of East and South
African fame, Walmer Castle by
name, was quickly loaded. We
spent that night in port. We are con-
isdered ourselves very fortunate to be on the same
boat with General Bailey and his staff + 438 R.C.
nurses. [& reconstructionists?]

July 31 - [deleted]A[deleted] Promptly at noon we
steamed slowly eastward, picking
up the remaining [deleted]fourteen[deleted] [inserted]fifteen[inserted] ships of
our convoy as we went along. The
giant buildings of the world’s largest
city and the [deletion] impressive
Statue of Liberty gradually faded in
our rear. It was interesting to see
the numerous mosquitoe boats
and seaplanes giving us a safe
starting. There we soon left behind as
well the large observation balloon
that went up at intervals from the
stern of an American lookout ship.

Only [deletion] a few hours outside, my
intestines [deleted]began to[deleted] became restless.

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