next day 5 min. The next the same.
Today we are 40 min. ahead of N.Y.
time plus the extra hour of daylight
saving. No one knows what time it
will be this time tomorrow. My
only regret is that [inserted]they wait till midnight to turn the clocks up. Consequently[inserted] I lose [deleted]in some way
or other[deleted] about an hour's sleep every night.

We sighted land yesterday. We [are?] told that
it was the Grand Banks of the coast of Newfoundland. I didn't
think for a second that we were near any land except the bottom of the ocean.

August 5 - This afternoon we had one
of the best little concerts I have ever
seen anywhere. The [inserted]following[inserted] program which
I have saved speaks for itself:

I have been appointed mail
censor for my company. I imagine
that I shall be much the wiser
after censoring [deleted]some[deleted] [inserted]a few[inserted] of the letters
of these lonesme boys to their
patiently waiting sweethearts.

August 6 - As we begin our seventh
day on the ocean, we [deleted]simultan[deleted] also
commence the second half of our momentous

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