would be entirely unnecessary.

At every drinking [inserted]time be it[inserted] water, wine
or what not, it is either "a
votre sante" or vive l'Amerique
et la France". Frenchmen love

There is a lot of personal satis
faction in being in a M. G. Co. Nobody
doubts, especially now, since the
fighting armies have perforce taken
up open warfare, that machine
guns are the [inserted]"boss"[inserted] weapons. [inserted]As Germans fall back on the [entire?] front[inserted] German
M.G.'s are taking life after life of
our allied troops [deleted]as the[deleted]. The allies
are using our "boss" weapon as
a successful counter-measure.
We anticipate using such tactics
as will be fatal for Germans, be they
riflemen, M. g'unners, or what not. Our
[inserted]m.g's are quite successfully coping with the enemy's, thereby[inserted]
allow our victorious troops to push [one?] and [one?].
The morale of the boys is,
in the words of one them, "tree top
high." Three of four weeks from the

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