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A collection of documentary digital editions of the penny bloods, dreadfuls, and other works attributed to or edited by James Malcolm Rymer (1814-84). Includes The String of Pearls, or The Barber of Fleet Street: A Domestic Romance (1850). Designed, encoded, and annotated in part by Humanistic Studies students at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. Employs TEI. Transcribed by Rebecca Nesvet and UWGB students.
The London Miscellany, no. 1-18

The London Miscellany, no. 1-18

The London Miscellany, ed. James Malcolm Rymer. Includes his serial A Mystery in Scarlet. No. 1-18 (1866). Copy from the University of Indiana General Reference Collection. The University of Indiana also possesses a second copy, in the Lilly Library, which has not been digitized.

19 pages: 5% indexed, 95% transcribed, 5% needs review
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