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Of the over 400 logbooks in the NHA’s ships’ logs collection, only 11 have been attributed to women. It was not unheard of for wives of whaling masters to accompany their husbands on voyages. Nantucket women were well educated and, whether at sea or home, often wrote letters and kept journals. Observances made in their letters and journals can offer unique outsiders’ perspectives and insight into life aboard a whaleship.
Almira Gibbs whaling journal, 1860-1864

Almira Gibbs whaling journal, 1860-1864

This journal was kept aboard the ship Norman by Almira Gibbs née Ames (1816-1864) as she accompanied her husband Master Richard C. Gibbs, Sr. (1811-1880) on a whaling voyage. While Gibbs had previously sailed with her husband and their son Richard C. Gibbs, Jr. (1842-?) aboard the whaleship...

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