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Ship H. Astor, at Sea off the
Island of Juanfernandes Mar. 4, 1842

My dear child,
Here I am again at my
favorite theme of penning a line of
good advice for the benefit of Seth Pink-
ham Jr. And after a few incidental
remarks I shall again turn to the
“scrap-book” and make another draft
upon its pages. When I was quite a
boy my father used to set me copies
to write by, (for my parents being
poor could not afford to pay a teacher for
giving me my first lessons) Some of wh-
ich I still remember — So true it is, that
“early impressions sink deep”. One of my
copies was in these words, it has served
me for a motto and will also serve you
“Have communion with few, be intimate
with one;
Deal justly with all, Speak evil of none”.

But before we proceed permit me to
diverge a little by attending to our voyage*

The good ship Henry Astor which now
keeps your beloved father afloat upon the
briny waters, is lying in a profound calm
in sight of the Island of Juan fernandes, once

* I had forgotten to mention to you that
I am writing a journal of my cruise for
the edification and gratification of an only
son (but eight years old when I left home)
that he may turn to its pages at some fu-
ture time and learn where his father went
after he left him standing on the wharf
defected and cast down. Other things have
crowded in, or I shan't have given you extracts

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