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Nantucket 11th. 12.mo 1796

Esteemed Friend Elisha Sigourney
We wrote to thee by Alexr Gardner that we
Ship.t by him to thy care 35 Boxes Candles
Markt. GMM we have now to inform that we
have Shipt. per Brig Polly Nickolas Meader
12 Boxes of Warrentable Candles Mark.t GMM
Containing 341 3/4 which makes 47 Boxes. —

We have also Shipt. per Brig 10 Cask of Sperma-
-ceti Oil Containg 573 Gallon. the which
with the Candles we desire thou will dispose
of to the best of our Advantage not scrupleing
My Endeavours for our Interest. — We Remain
thy Friends Prince Gardner J Silv & Obed Macy

Nantucket 11.th 12.mo 1793—

Esteemed Friend Elisha Sigourney
We have sent the Brig Polly to thy Address,
wishing thou would sell her for us upon the
best term.s thou can get, Remembering her
Qualifications as per Recommend. The Intent
of sending her is for Sale as She is too small
for our present Business. - as to Chartering
her for us it dont seem to us Agreeable as
we are Entirely directed another way with our
Business. Thou will please to dispatch the
Man as soon as possible on Acct. of Expence to
matter for our Interest.

We Remain thy Friend's
Prince Gardner & Silv & Obed Macy

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