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Nantucket 11th. 12.mo 1793—

Recommend for the Brig Polly
She was Built at Providence by thomas
Salman a Carpenter that was Reconed
upon as (Warrantable) Equal to any Man in
the State of Ph- Island, a man that Built
John Brown.s Large Ship; & after his Common
fee for Building we made him a hansom
Present for his fidelity. as we had her
Built purposely for our own Use in the
Whail Fishery of which She has Ever followed
since Built! Except 2 summers a (Fishing)
Her [???] is as thick as Common & the planking
followed Suit which Cost us 10 Dol.s for the same
so as to make her a true Round on Acct. of
Nothing to ketch her Boat in taking them in.
She was Sheathd Before she was toucht.
with the Worms & may be Warranted So. Her
Sheathing is a little Eat but so as not to hinder
her Proceeding a Twelve-Month.s Voyage.
Her upper Works was all Becaulk! 7th mo last
& we Believe she is a light Strong Vessail
as ever Floated of her Size; She will
carry 700 Barrels. Flour, her sails Almost
New, would last 9 Months 1 Cabler Almost New
the other Very Good, Altho she look.s Broad on
Deck, she may be recommended to sail without
a Main-Topsail equal to Common Vessail.s with
One, & a Very Stiff Comfortable Vessail in a
Gale & the only reason why she is for Sale
is that small Vessails in the Whail-Fishery
will not at present Answer

Silv.s & O Macy

To Elisha Sigourney

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