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Nantucket, 11th. 12m.1793
Capt. Nichol.s Moder
As thou art Capt of the Brig Polly it is our direction that thou proceed for Boston the first fair Wind & after thy Arrival deliver the Cargo as directed by the Shippers
Our Oil Candles & the Brig thou! Deliver to Elisha Sigourney. Thou wil recieve the frieght & Wharfage on the different goods from the different Consignees, &Pay the People Agreeable to thy Agreemen with them, & the Ballance / if thou should sail from their / thou maydirect to us in as safe a Channel as thou Can. Thou take Every method that's right for our Interest; Not doubting My Exertion in the Case
We Remain thy Friend Silvs. & O Macy
Frieght on Board the Brig
Oil 317 2/3 Bs
Rozin 18 ------
Flour 157
492 2/3 & 12 Ton of Iron

Nantucket 16th. 12m. 1793
Esteemed Friend Elisha Sigourney
Being under an Engagement with George Lawrence for Ten Boxes of Candles, we expected to have made them timely for him, but having a fair Wind this Morning for Boston & we not in Readiness for him by 48 hours Should be Glad thou would Permit him or Order to take ten Boxes of our Candles our of the Brig which will leave 2 on Board of her for thy Care from thy Friend
Prince Gardiner & Silvs. & O Macy

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