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Nantucket 9th . 11m [MONTH] 1796
Esteemed Friend.
Henry Stouffer & Com. [COMPANY]
We have Shipped to you by Capt. [CAPTAIN] Meader 1 Cask of Oil Containing 60 Galns [GALLONS]. which we hope will come to you safe- which leaves a ballance due us on P [PER] Acct. Inclosd [ENCLOSED?] & desire you to pay ["IT TO" CROSSED OUT] Capt. [CAPTAIN] Meader- the prises [PRICES] of the Oil is as low as could be bought. at the times of purchase, if you have any further Command. we are in hopes it will be at a more favourable time as we are still ready to wait on you. With due respect we remain your. Friends.
S.O. Macy

Nantucket 18th 11mo [MONTH] 1796
Capt [CAPTAIN] Butler
I have talked with the other owners of the Sloop respecting thy Going in her to West Enges [WEST INDIES?] aWhaling and they are all Agreed to the Plans & would wish thou would Send us word the first opportunity when the [THEE?] would wish to be nixt [NEXT?] out as we Can fine her in few Days and we think for the [THEE?] to Come when Ready with 4 or 5 [HANDS?] and take her to the Vineyard & fill her water & proceed from there on your Voyages- we ar Determined to give the [THEE?] as good an outfit as the Voyage may Require we shall be Anxious to hear from the [THEE?] as soon as Possible on Act. [ACCOUNT] of our Gathering Every Material Ready for a 4 Days Start Thomas Butler Dont seem [FORWARD?] to fix his Schooner Unless we should take part of her it is Rather [ILL?] Convenient for us at this time to be concerned in his Schooner Now whether his Schooner Goes or not Shall be Glad thou will Proceed in the Sloop and shall wait thy Answer from thy Friend
Silvanus Macy [JR?]

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