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Nantucket 3rd. 3 mo [MONTH] 1797

Estemed Friend J. Jenkins

The Above Goods Goes Consind to the Desireing
thou will Remember if Any of the Above
Goods is stord by the in New York Let it be
to the Care of J Hicks - as Price Gardners Property
it shipt on for Phil. [PHILIDELPHIA] to be stord Let it be to
the care of John Welch as Peleg Mitchels Property
Unless it suits Best to Make use of thy
own Name in Regard to Some Purchase
in that Case Act thy Pleasure
Silv. [SILVANUS] J O Macy

NB Candles in Phil. [PHILIDELPHIA]

Last Act. [ACCOUNT] 4/6 Currency

15 Cash oyl [OIL] shipt [SHIPPED] on Bord Sloop Dolphin

852 Gal. [GALLONS] & 30 Boxes Candles 807.3 the
Goods Alluded to as Above for N York

Nant. 17th. 3mo [MONTH] 1797

Respected Friend

John Nye Jr of Sandwich

However Strange any Riteing [WRITING] to the act [ACCOUNT] this time may
Appear I am Constraind thereto from a Report of R R
Leaving hear with some of his Friends that is in a way
Insinuating that he R R Venterd Manatter & Finally
shall Receive the Benefit of Sd. [SAID] Venter Altho thou
Received his Voyage of [ME?] Now the Case Stands (with
me They (without a Different Explanation from the)
that is to say thou shipt [SHIPPED] the Boy to Go with [FRIDRICK?]
with Prince Gardner & myself & we went Down &
informed the Capt. [CAPTAIN] together with thyself & Indian
sometime after wher R R was in Goal thou met
me by Prince Gardner & informd the hardship
Rice Labourd under in Goal & then informed
that Altho thou had Left orders with us for oy [WORD CROSSED OUT]
Rice to supplyd [SUPPLIED] the Boy with Cloths it was on thy
Act. [ACCOUNT] which you had settled & that whe the ship
Arrivd Desird [DESIRED] I would Take Charge of the Voyage
for the as the Boy was Intirely [ENTIRELY] Clear of Rice

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