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6 mo
16th & 17th Bot. of Francis Macy Eastwrd 13 Ewes & Weather
Westward 7 Ewes and Weathen he in to B[?] us
next Sheartime 7 yearling Sheep in lieu of the lambs
Price 13/8 each, for 20, Mark them fork in night
1/2 take under foot & 1/2 lap[?]
The Sheep has fell short much of what was expected
by the owners; the Island is remarkably Stocked with
horses, 40 or upwards has been bad this Season

19th A very dry parching Spell of Weather, it appears likely
to lesson the Crop of upland hay very much
22nd A fine growing shower which is very acceptable
Abraham Chase died in the West Indies, Left
a Widow & number of small Children under
difficult circumstances.
29th Love Kollan's[?] daughter of Jonathan died of Consumsion
Age about 16

mo 7 3rd
Simon Long Arrrived from Coast Brasil
all well & Ship full , about 60 Blls Sperm
John Coffin Son of John drowned
Barings news Elisha Sledge[?] Capt. of Ship Industry
was carried over board with the To-line &
drowned, & also that Coffins son of John was
out of the boat same time they left her on
the coast of Brasil with 800 Bars.
5th Elisabeth Folger, Widow of Nathl. died
of the dropsy, which she had labored under
for many years, with great pain & distress
she was left 8 or 10 times which lessoned the
distress for a time.
Wm. Bizel fell of the bow sprit in Ireland
& was drowned
10th this afternoon came up a tempest of thunder and
Lighenting & past over without rain except
a shower at the East end of the Island

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