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7 mo 11th
Carried up our Calf Martin 1/2 & under the left
while face some white spots about the legs
otherwise red; put her in the New pasture
at Polpis; Age 10 weeks & 2 days
11th & 12th Abram Clasby white washed our Polpis house
Daniel Anthony has moved for us at Polpis
all this week at 6/6 D per day
11th Margaret Dawson died
12th Abisha Lumber brot for us from the Vineyard
20 Ewes & 19 Lambs price 13D pair, mark
them for me in the night 1/2 take under the left
& 1/2ed top of the lake; Also one yearling
Stear large of his Age; a Brindle, & one
yearling heifer red all over, as most likely
Creative; price $16 month marked them 2nd under
the left & drove the whole up thru
Quays & turned 'em into the middle pasture

The Weather is remarkable dry & warm
the 10th day before yesterday was hotter than
has been known among us for 5 years past,
the face of the earth affirm parched up
the grapes the gardens &c are withering away

17th Mary Abram's died of Consumsion [CONSUMPTION] Wife Wm. {WILLIAM]
Tristram Folger in Ship Mary Ann & Eber
Coffin in Ship William Arrived from
Cape Horn & Brasil all well & full Ships

18th Elisabeth Chadwick lived with Freeman Ellis
died of a Consumtion [CONSUMPTION]
Put down a New Cistern for the house
holds about 30 Barrels

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