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7 mo 19th Ambrose Gardner Son of Stephen a lad about 15 or
16 years of Age died

20th The Weather is still dry, no rain since the 20th
of last month except a Shower at the East End
Strong Westerly wind yesterday & to day, hot Sun
dust flies in the streets like a Snow storm.
many people sickly with a relax especially
the Children. The Upland grass is parchd. up
the Cows & other Creatures are much
The Corn begins to wither; the oats & other Grain
is dyeing in the milk.

8mo 1st
Moved with our Family to Polpis
2d A very small Shower of rain this Morning
in the Sharpest drought ever known among us

A School house or Academy was built this year
on the hill by the Presbeterian Meeting house.
A new Bell Weighing 1000 lb was put up in the above
Meeting house.

9 mo The drought Continued till about the middle of
this month, since which we have had several
very heavy rains that has wet the earth thoroughly
The late rains have livened up the Corn so that
it now appears likely there will be about half
a Usual Crop, perhaps 8 bushels to the Acre
The Crop of Turnips is nearly all cut off by
the drought. The grass has grown remarkably
since the rain set in, the earth that was of a
brown couler before the rain is now of a lively green.

20th Thaddeus Folger Arrived about this time from
Coast of Peru 1200 Barrels Sperm oil.
Met with a Wreck at Sea. the people belonging to
her were saved. Richard Bunker Martin from
Philadelphia bound to Boston. They took out of her
upward of 200 Barrels of Flour.

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Drought, new school house