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8m { Maniel Eneas home took fire by hot Ashes
        (see page 38)
9th9m { Roland Colemans Wood home took fire by hot ashes
17∙10 John Browns house took fire by Ashes
19∙10 James Athearn Candle house the damagev very great [??fling]
5∙1m Henry Swift candle C[???] Chmy [CHIMNEY] took
        fire this morning at 4 o'clock, which caused an
        alarm, but no damage done.
13∙10 Eunce [EUNICE] Lawrence Wood house burnt down^ by ashes
24∙1∙1842  67  False alarm of fire

78∙∙ The difficulty of the times
79∙ Circus is here
79 Meetings of various description, Temperance, Anti Slavery
  "  Sheep Shearing, Soldiers, Superior Court &c &c
80∙ Camels Launched
81 The difficulties between this country & England settled
81 Sperm oil sold at 65 Ct' ⅌ [CENTS PER] gallin [GALLON]
82∙83 Slavery convention, Town meetings &c
83∙ Ship Phebe, Camels, &c
84 Ship Constitution Carried out by Camels
  "  The Tariff established
85 Valuation of ships out & Camels & Steam Boat
     Treaty settled between the US. & England
86 Camels acct of from the Islander
86 Ship Peru brt [BROUGHT] in by the Camels
87 Ship Daniel Webster brt [BROUGHT] in by the Camels
87 Vineyard folks disappointed . . .
87 Remarkable draught
88 Some acct [ACCOUNT] of the death of^ Abigail wife of Obed Macy, see 89
88 Some rain
88 Sett out Blackberry vines in the Goat yard
89 The Camels took out the Ship James Lopar
90 Chs [CHARLES] L Remond had 2 lectures in our Mg [MEETING] house
91 Some rain. -- 91 Ship Orbit lost
91 Ship Rambler brought in by the Camels

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