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8^th. 5m. [8 MAY]    Ice this morning was noticed as thick as window ^ glass

Since the weather has become moderate, reported rains
has brought forward vegetation wonderfully. The Grass
bids fair for an abundant Crop of May.

25 "  [25 MAY] The weather continues moderate with frequent
rains, sufficient for vegetation to come forward
admirably. The Grass looks finely.

25th.   Rain, thunder & lightening

25th. The report of the Committee appointed sometime
back to consider of the necessity of building a new
house at Quaise and for the reception of the Poor
(the old one has long been considered not sufficiently
large for the comfortable accomodation of or the
increasing number of inmates.

Their report recommended a new house
feet long, and  ..  feet wide, which would probably
cost 8500$, which was accepted and a Committee
appointed to carry it into effect.

See page 27 for the cost & dimensions
of the Quays [QUAISE] home.

6m [JUNE]  

The season continues favorable to the growth of vegetation
generally. It is said the prospect of a
heavy crop of grass was never more promising.

Fruit in the country looks well & likely to be

17.6 [17 JUNE]   The market for all the articles necessary
for the comforts of life is plentiful. And the
luxeries are superabundant. Meat of every description
is very high, fresh beef one shilling ⅌ lb [PER POUND]
Flour has fallen very much, from 10$ to 7$
Corn holds up to one dollar to 1.05, Wood is very
dull at 7.50, Pine 5.50, Sperm Oil at 1.10. Whale 45.

The License law of the U.S. when made
was intended to operate against foriners [FOREIGNERS] importing
all Oil into this country & taking the benefit of
or [OUR] Market.

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