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6m [JUNE]   and to encourage the Fisheries of the
country generally. Now, after standing half
a Century or more, it is determined that it
extends to Whalemen & subjects the Oil imported
to a duty of 25 Cents on Sperm, & 15 Cents on
Whale Oil. It hitherto has been considered that
Whaling was not fishing, which precluded the
necessity of getting licenes [LICENSES], but now it proves
otherwise, [ ?? ] the Navel Officers are ordered
to exact ^a duty, on Oil imported, as being fishermen.

We have become a fashionable people in
this place. Many of the vain custons [CUSTOMS] of the world
have of late crepted in among us and I fear much
to the hurt of the morals of the people to generally.

A school to learn the young people to dance
has been in operation some time, nay, some years.

16th. 6m [16 JUNE]   Yesterday a Company of men, & Horses and other
materials came here to establish a Circus.

A band of Soldiers is expected in a few days
and in about a week the Steam Boat Narraganset
is expected here from New York, on a party of
pleasure. The evil effect of these
things must be manifest to every well minded Inhabitant
of this place. It all has a tendency to draw
the minds into habits & customs, that will prove

The building that was called the ^North Friends
Meeting House has been sold to some Carpenders [CARPENTERS]
and by them to Marcus a Episcpalian [EPISCOPALIAN] Minister
and is undergoing great alterations, to fit it for
a meeting house, or Church, for the Episcopalian
Society to meet in for Divine Worship.

Jared Coffin has bought of John A Parker the
house that was Paul Gardne [GARDNER] & has taken it down
with the t[?] rear up one of Brick.

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