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The Radar Station proved a tough nut to crack. It was
ideally situated for defence, well protected with reinforced concrete
shelter, and extensive minefields across the approaches. During
the first phase of the attack the Battalion cleared a large
wood which formed a part of the "Station's" defences. After
a day of bitter fighting, during which the rifle companies suffered
many casualties including Lieutenant Fawcett and Lieutenant Dickie
an order came down from higher formation to by-pass this hedgehog
and push on to the high ground beyond it around Anguerney. [underlined] Some
conception of the Radar Station's defence potentialities may be
gained by referrence to the date in JUNE it actually fell. It
was continually assaulted by numerous formations from Companies
to Brigades and finally capitulated in the face of a full-scale
Brigade attack with massed artillery and heavy bomber support on
the 17th of the month. [end underlined]

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