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- for Cornelius Ryan 2-
Your name Harry S Kucipak

Did you by any chance keep a diary of what happened to you that day? no

Were any of your friends killed or wounded either during the landing or
during the day? Yes, the one I mentioned in the
previous page

Do you remember any conversations you had with them before they became
yes I also mentioned that on
the previous page that he talked about
getting it and how He got shot in
the shoulder. The medic who tryed
to rescue him was also wounded Hank
died a few hours later.

Were you wounded? yes

Do you remember what it was like - - that is, do you remember whether you
felt any pain or were you so surprised that you felt nothing?
It felt more as a burning sensation at
first and went away as fast I don't think it
would have been notice right away until
the blood started to run off.

Do you remember seeing or bearing anything that seems funny now, even
though it did not, of course, seem amusing at the time?
Yes I do remember one thing. That was
when the Germans counter-attacked
It didn't seen funny at the time but
I pictured myself running back to the
original position with my short legs
even beat the tall fellows.

Do you recall any incident, sad or heroic, or simply memorable , which struck
you more than anything else?
There was this particular time when
we went into this barn and saw this
women holding a child and her husband other
two boys lying dead. A German was
dead in the corner. She shot him
and said she never fired any type of
arms in her life It certainly an incident
that I never forgot.

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