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As I did not get any mail
to-day. "sure he said..." Help

After the war, I met my
wife., She had a scrap book. I
saw a picture of Al. I told
her of my being his room mate
in Bristol England. To my surprise
it was her letters that I had
been reading.

We are now happily married, have
two children and our home. [crossed out] thanks to
to god. [end crossed out]

PS.2 Miss Ward, please excuse my writing, spelling, and the poor English. I know
it could be better worded and expressed, but not being a clerk [crossed out] you can [end crossed out] myself,
[inserted] I hope you [end inserted] understand.
I went to be a friend of mine to see if he [crossed out] could [end crossed out] [inserted] would [end inserted] rewrite it for me. He said
it would be best for me to send it in just as the way it is written.
Thanking you for the pleasure [crossed out] to [end crossed out] [inserted] I [end inserted] hope [crossed out] to [end crossed out] [inserted] will [end inserted] help in you readers digest,
I remain

Bernard J. Morecock Jr.
Bernard J Morecock Jr.

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