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July 8, 1958

Mr. Elmer G. Shindle 232 Juniata Street Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Dear Mr. Shindle:

Thank you very much fear your letter and for your willingness to help us with Cornelius Ityanfs book about D-Day. I hope you will forgive the delay in replying to your kind offer of assistance; we are gratified, but somewhat overwhelmed, by the wonderful response tdiich we are getting as a result of our requests for information.

During the next few months, both in this country and in Europe, Hr. Ryan will be interviewing many of the D-Day participants who agree to contribute to the book. Very probably, he will wish to talk with you during that period. In the meantime, since we are dealing with so many people, we have found it necessary to develop an individual file on each person who agrees to help us. Therefore, we hope you will complete the enclosed record and return it to me at your earliest con- venience. We truly believe that these questions will serve you, as well as us, if they can help to crystallise seme hazy memories and to indicate the sort of information which we are seeking.

I should be most grateful to know as soon as possible when and if you will be available for interview. We want very much to tell the story of your unit, and in order to do that we need the personal accounts of the men who were there. We particularly look forward to your reply.

Sincerely yours,

Frances Ward Research Department

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